Italian police denounce that Luis Suarez was leaked the exam questions for his passport

Luis Suárez, in Italy after passing the exam. efe

La Gazzetta reveals some phrases, recorded, of the policemen that the investigation collects

Luis Suarez exam questions was leaked as per Italian Police. The convoluted future of Luis Suárez today incorporates a new chapter. Not only is the Uruguayan forward not clear about his fate, since Barça refuses to let him go to Atlético de Madrid, but now the Italian police have opened an investigation considering that the questions of the exam he underwent were leaked last week to obtain the passport of the transalpine country.

La Gazzetta reveals some phrases, recorded, of the policemen that the investigation collects:

Earn 10 million, you have to pass the exam”; “but if you can’t conjugate verbs and only speak in the infinitive”; “Tell me what grade I give and that’s it”; “If you don’t approve, they put a bomb on us”; “We have prepared him well, he is memorizing part of the exam

Say some of those responsible for the exam

Those responsible believe that the player knew the questions in advance and that he even had the approved document before attending the test.

“From the investigated activities, it can be deduced that the topics covered by the exam were previously agreed upon with the candidate and that the relative score was attributed to him even before the completion of the exam, despite having been found during the distance lessons taught by the candidates. University teachers, an elementary knowledge of the Italian language “, specifies the Italian police.

The Guardia di Finanza are proceeding with documentary acquisitions at the University offices

They aimed at confirming the conduct described above, as well as the notification of guarantee information for the crimes of disclosure of office secrets, ideological falsehood committed by the public official in public documents. Those responsible for the investigation are now collecting information in this regard.

Despite the fact many people bet Luis Suárez to join Juventus , this seems to be no longer possible since he does not have enough time to carry out all the procedures to have the necessary documentation in Italy.

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