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Tom Brady mocks himself when congratulating LeBron James

Tom Brady
The body of Tom Brady and the face of LeBron James, work of the Tampa Bay quarterback. @TomBrady

A great one celebrates another great and incidentally makes us laugh

In a congratulatory tweet to Lebron James of the Los Angels Lakers on his fourth NBA title and Finals Most Valuable Player award, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady achieved:

  • Making fun of his mistake in fourth-down Thursday night.
  • Respond to Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool who trolled him on Sunday
  • Show off his Photoshop skills
  • Remind us all that, in the midst of celebrating Lebron James’s greatness, he also has four MVP awards from a Super Bowl and six ring.

Brady apparently lost sight of where he was down.

Thursday night against the Chicago Bears, in Brady‘s first primetime game as Buccaneer, and losing 20-19. After the tight end, Cameron Brate failed to complete a pass on play four, and the Bears‘ offense returned to the field, puzzled Brady turned to an official and showed him four fingers.

Brady was asked twice after the game if he knew what fourth down was, and while he never directly answered the question, he admitted that they were against the clock and

I knew we had to buy some time so I had to think more about the first and ten than to gain that chunk of time,

Brady said

Naturally it became a meme, joking about his move to Florida and “having that moment.”

Moving forward to Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool had an epic performance with four touchdowns. To celebrate, he flashed four fingers with a puzzled look and tweeted a photo without captions to commemorate the achievement.

Then, of course, on Sunday night, James had 28 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists in Game 6 to defeat the Miami Heat 106-93, and surpass Shaquille O’NealTim Duncan, and Magic Johnson to be the second player with the most MVPs in the NBA Finals (Michel Jordan has six). And like BradyJames, at 35 he keeps hearing that he’s “old.”

So Brady tweeted, with James‘s face on his body and all four fingers. 

“Congratulations to my brother King James on winning his fourth championship. Not bad for an old man! ”Brady pointed out.

After the Brady incident Thursday night – which led him to the bench in anger and repeatedly throwing his helmet on the floor – it’s good to see that Brady has not only left the moment behind but can laugh at himself.

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