JR Smith: So many people want to see LeBron fall

JR Smith

Los Angeles Lakers guard JR Smith admitted that he was disappointed with the disrespect for the leader of the “LakersLeBron James.

JR Smith emphasized that the King had won only four Most Valuable Player awards in his NBA career, which he said was not enough.

“So many people want to see him fall. In the case of individual awards, he can win the Most Valuable Player award each year. But when discussions and controversy over the awards begin, LeBron is always the third violin.

One day Janice and Harden will be in front of him, another time they will be Westbrook and Harden, it doesn’t matter. People are bored with his greatness, but I think that’s disrespectful to him. How can you say that he is the best player in the world every year, but not reward him with an MVP? I have never understood such a thing. LeBron is capable of making every team a contender for the title, “JR Smith said of the CBS Sports podcastAll Things Covered. “

Four times James finished second in the standings for the most valuable individual prize in the League, and three more times he was ranked third. Last season, Giannis Antetokounmpo triumphed with the award, and James received only 16 votes for first place

Los Angeles Lakers leader LeBron James did not take well the news that Giannis Antetokounmpo has been named the most valuable individual award for the second year in a row – “Most Valuable Player”.

Lebron James
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The Greek winger received as many as 85 first places from journalists, while the 35-year-old veteran of the “Lakers” team earned only 16 votes for the trophy – something that obviously angered him.

“I was angry because out of 101 votes I got only 16 for the first place. This made me angrier than anything else. I’m not saying the winner doesn’t deserve the prize, but he can’t. I will not explain exactly what the evaluation criterion should be. He has changed over the years.

LeBron James

Sometimes the best player in the best team is chosen, sometimes the person with the best season is statistically. Giannis has had a phenomenal season, I say it with a clear heart, “said James after his team’s victory over Denver in the 1st leg of the West finals.

“I have been second many times in my career, be it in the title fight or four times in the fight for MVP. I did not come to the League with the confidence to be the Most Valuable Player or Champion. I have always said that my goal is to improve with each passing day. There are some things I can’t control, but it really pissed me off, “added the three-time champion.

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