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7th record title for Mercedes in Formula 1 and victory for Hamilton at Imola

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Six-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton won today’s Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix and is winning his seventh title and Michael Schumacher‘s record. Lewis also won the extra point today, given for the fastest lap of the race.

Once again, Lewis‘ teammate in MercedesValteri Botas, finished in second place. The Finn should be happy after there was damage to the floor of his car and only the loss of Max Verstappen from Red Bull allowed him to finish second. With today’s double victory, the Mercedes team won the seventh consecutive title in the constructors, which is a record in the history of Formula 1.

Daniel Ricardo from the Renault team came third on the podium. The Australian was followed by Daniel Kwiat, who tried to reach the podium, but crossed the finish line fourth. With a lot of luck, Charles Leclerc managed to reach fifth place, followed by Sergio Perez from the team of Racing Point, who remained sixth.

McLaren‘s Carlos Sainz, his teammate Lando Norris and Alfa Romeo drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi took the top ten.

On the return of the legendary Italian track, “Imola” Valteri Botas started from the first position in the battle for victory in the Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna. Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, his teammate, started in the first row next to the Finnish driver of the Mercedes champions from the second position. Third at the start is the big star of Red Bull Max Verstappen.

At the start, Botas started well and kept his leading position. Behind Finn’s back was Verstappen’s attack on Hamilton. The Dutch Red Bull driver completed his maneuver before stopping for the first turn and is now second ahead of the third Hamilton.

Behind the three leaders in fourth place is Daniel Ricardo from Renault, followed by fifth Pierre Gasley from Alpha Tauri and Charles Leclerc from Ferrari in sixth place.

In lap 14, Charles Leclerc was the first of the top five drivers to enter the pits to change tires much earlier than expected. The young Monegasque entered from the fifth position and returned to the track 13th.

On the next lap, Charles was followed by Red Bull driver Alex Alban, Daniel Ricardo of Renault, and Daniel Quiat of Alfa Tauri.

In the 19th lap, Max Verstappen did the first boxing, and to cover the strategy of the Red Bull driver, the leader Botas did the same immediately. At the same time, Hamilton called on the radio and told his team that he wanted to stay on the track and would bet on a long first stint.

On the 30th lap due to an engine failure in the Renault car, the race for Esteban Ocon ended. As a result of the parked car in the security zone, a virtual security car was announced.

On lap 31, Hamilton made his first stop in boxing. The Briton had made the necessary lead and came out comfortably in front of the second Botas and the third Verstappen. So the strategy with a longer first stint for Lewis worked and the Briton jumped into the boxing Valteri and Max, which on the track was almost impossible to do.

By lap 38, the only ones not yet through boxing were Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, who is in 4th place, followed by Kimi Raikkonen, fifth and sixth Latifi from Williams.

In the 52nd lap, Max Verstappen dropped out of second place. The Dutch Red Bull driver burst his right rear tire, turned, and stopped in the safety zone. Immediately in the pits behind the security car, the first of the Mercedes drivers entered Botas, and Hamilton remained on the track. On the next lap, Lewis followed him and returned to the track in the first place.

In the 54th lap, George Russell dropped out extremely ridiculously after hitting the firewalls. The young Briton tried to warm his tires while driving behind the safe, but made a simple mistake, turned around and crashed his car.

In the restart, Hamilton did not give Botas a chance and kept his leading position with an advance over his teammate of five seconds three laps before the final. In third place is Ricardo, followed very aggressively by Quiat, and their battle for third place on the podium will continue until the final.

There were no surprises until the final and Hamilton won at Imola, followed by teammate Valteri Botas, and Renault driver Daniel Ricardo managed to get on the podium for the second time this season.

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