Diego Maradona was hospitalized in Argentina

Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup and is considered one of the greatest soccer players ever. (Gustavo Garello/Getty Images)

Argentine and world football legend Diego Maradona has been hospitalized in his homeland after feeling exhausted in recent days, local media reported. According to journalist Daniel Arcucci, who is a close friend of the legendary number 10, it is anemia that has worsened in recent days.

Don Diego was also morally affected by the fact that he failed to celebrate his 60th birthday properly due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to local media, Diego Maradona, who is the coach of La Plata High School, felt chronic fatigue and difficulty in movement, which forced him to be hospitalized.

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People close to the star categorically denied that he was hospitalized due to symptoms related to the coronavirus, or a stroke, as speculation has emerged. In the coming days, Don Diego will be housed in a sanatorium near Buenos Aires, where he will recover.

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