The crazy race for free agents in the NBA continues in full force Part 1

NBA free agents

In the first hours after the opening of the market for free agents in the NBA, the deals between teams and players “flooded” one after another, and there were still some interesting names for which we will see where their careers will continue.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks untied the purse and attracted 32-year-old Italian winger Danilo Gallinari for three seasons on a $ 61.5 million contract. In addition, the team attracted former Chicago Bulls guard Chris Dunn with a two-year contract worth $ 10.5 million. Rajon Rondo also became part of the “hawks” – 2 years and 15 million dollars for the playmaker.

Boston Celtics

The Celts have reached an agreement with center Tristan Thompson and playmaker Jeff TeagueJason Tatum has signed a maximum 5-year, $ 195 million contract with Boston.

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets extended the contract of one of its most important players – top scorer Joe Harris. The new guard contract will be for 4 years and worth a total of $ 75 million. The Nets signed with winger Jeff Green.

Washington Wizards

Latvian sniper Davis Bertans won in the US capital with a new contract, which is for 5 years and is worth $ 80 million. In addition, Washington has agreed to a one-season contract with center Robin Lopez, a 2-year contract with Anthony Gill, and a one-year deal with guard Raul Neto.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have found Steph Curry’s reserve and this is Brad Wanamaker. Last season, he entered from the bench for the Boston Celtics, and in the Warriors will do the same, as his contract is for one season – 2.25 million dollars. The team also agreed with free agent Kent Bazemore on a one-year contract.

Dallas Mavericks

Texas attracted veteran James Johnson after a triple deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Detroit Pistons. In addition, the Mavs have agreed with point guard Trey Burke on a three-year contract worth $ 10 million. Another player who joins Luka Doncic and company is winger  Wesley Young, with a two-year contract. Willie Cowley-Stein returns to the Mavs with a two-year contract and a total of $ 8.2 million.

Denver Nuggets

The “Golden Lumps” attracted one of the stars of European basketball – Real Madrid guard Facundo Campazzo. The 29-year-old Argentine joins the Nuggets with a contract for 2 seasons. Denver is also attracting “four” JaMichael Green with a two-year contract worth $ 15 million, with the second season being an option for the player. Green has so far been a Los Angeles Clippers player. Paul Milsap signs a new contract with the Nuggets – 1 year, 10 million.

 Detroit Pistons

The “Pistons” are shown as one of the most active teams so far. The Pistons agreed with combo winger Jeremy Grant for a three-year contract worth $ 60 million, and also secured the signature of another former Denver Nuggets player – Mason Plumley. The experienced center joins Motor City with a 3-season contract worth $ 25 million. In addition, Detroit attracts two players selected in the Top 5 in the Draft in the person of Jalil Okafor and Josh Jackson, and the team includes guard Delon Wright. Zaire Smith also arrives at the “pistons” after an exchange with Philadelphia.

Indiana Pacers

The Pedestrians have agreed with winger Justin Holiday for a three-year contract worth $ 18.1 million. Jakarr Sampson also stays with the Pacers on a one-year contract. 20-year-old point guard Jaylan Lecco is moving to Indiana after a deal with Oklahoma.

The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs took the Javelle McGee test center after a trade with the LA Lakers.

Los Angeles Clippers

Marcus Morris remains at the Clippers, and the price the Los Angeles team will pay for his services is $ 64 million over the next four years. The Clippers also agreed with the “four” Patrick Patterson for a one-year contract. Clippers‘ latest transfer is to center Serge Ibaka. The former Toronto Raptors player is coming to LA with a two-year contract worth 19 million dollars and will have to replace the former Lakers Montres Herrell. The Lakers made another strong move on the market and took center Mark Gasol. However, Javelle McGee will not stay in Los Angeles and was sent to Cleveland to replace Alfonso McKinney and Jordan Bell.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers champion continues to strengthen his team. Last night, the Lakers agreed on a two-year contract with center Montres Herrell, who has so far defended the colors of the other City of Angels team, the Clippers. The Lakers also agreed with guard Wesley Matthews, who was a Milwaukee Bucks player last season. Guard Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope will continue to wear the colors of Californians.

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